Ruling On Snapshot Cases From Supreme Court

This morning the Arizona Supreme Court ruled on both the Sick Leave and Vacation Snapshot cases.

Unfortunately, the Court ruled in favor of the City on both.

We battled for 8 years against a city who wanted to impose changes without negotiating with us on reducing our pension and compensation.

For 8 years we fought for what was promised to us when we were hired and what many top level management received when they bailed ship during the recession.

While the city praises the workers on the front lines during this pandemic we see where their heart really is. That at any moment they can turn their backs on their promises and do everything they can to hurt their employees in their pockets.

This case shows that labor cannot trust the city on its word. And we will remember their broken promises.

We are very disappointed in the outcome but truly felt it was necessary to defend our MOU along with many of the cities unions and send a message that we will not sit by while our contract is changed without negotiation.

Thanks to everyone for your patience and support during this very long litigation.